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A deep analysis packed in a fruitful discussion with experts in policy-making recommendations with students all over Indonesia. The conference will require delegates, the conference leader, and panelists to discuss, collaborate, and present their thoughts and ideas to reach an inclusive solution.


Workforce Employment Policy After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Employment is one of the issues that is often been discussed during the pandemic. A lot of changes happened especially for the requirement of workers. A new skill set, adaptability, and change management will be the future tools to survive in the work field even after the pandemic. This Chamber will discuss how Indonesia should evaluate its employment policies to prepare a workforce environment that is sovereign, fair, skilful and just.

Chamber 1

Indonesia’s Readiness on Embracing Digitalization on the Industry 4.0 Era

The era of disruption that we are facing demands various changes in the fabric of our society, one of which is digitization. The utilization of big data plays its role in the interconnected society where the internet becomes a necessity. This condition leads to the development of Industry 4.0 in Indonesia. Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) combined allow industries to do real-time monitoring and help in the decision-making process. However, privacy, security, and technology problems await to be solved. This Chamber will discuss how Indonesia's readiness is to welcome Industry 4.0 in terms of human resources, technology, bureaucracy, and regulatory framework along with how to tackle its challenges.

Chamber 2

The Implementation of Green Industrial Policy in Indonesia

Climate change has been the main concern for every state as the destruction of the environment happens time by time. Increased sea level, submerged islands, polluted air and water, and severely injured ecosystems are several impacts that occur as consequences. Green Industrial Policy has been increasing all around the world, especially to the country with a huge number of industries in it. This chamber will discuss the implementation of the Green Industrial Policy in Indonesia, its impact, and how to make it sustainable as a way to preserve the environment.

Chamber 3

Prize for Each Chamber

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    Prize 2
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Coaching Clinic Session

The delegates will have a coaching clinic based on their respective chamber. The coaching clinic will be given by our speakers to give a brief introduction in regards to the problem and will be followed by a Question & Answer session.

Day 1

Day 2

Group Discussion Session

Session 1

This session starts by discussing a selected topic moderated by the Conference Leader and each delegate will present their idea/point in a form of a speech. Then, continue with one session of group discussion. The final agenda of this season will be a presentation from the delegates regarding the related issues

Session 2

The participants in each chamber will be divided again into several groups. Each group will have a discussion about the solution regarding the topic of the corresponding chamber and produce a pre-resolution paper. At the end of the session, every group has to present their proposed solution to the speaker.

Session 3

In this final session, the speaker will provide clarifications based on the previous presentation and ideal solutions based on the specified case. Delegates will also be given the opportunity to ask their question and start the discussion

Final Pitching Round

Session 1

All delegates will discuss a fixed resolution paper consist of all recommendations and solutions regarding the main topic on each chamber and there will be a final presentation to represent 3 days discussion

Session 2

Selected Delegates will be challenged to find a good, proper, and applicable solution for a new study case given by a panelist. Afterward, the following session will be filled by pitching sessions and Q&A for the solution proposed by selected delegates.

Day 3


28 May

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10 July

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12 July

Study Guide Release

22 July

Paper Submission

8 August

Delegates Announcement

11 August

Technical Meeting

13 August

Conference Day 1

14 August

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15 August

Conference Day 3

17 August

Awarding Night